Day 25: Photo Essay?

Something inspired? Pfftt…think again. This has nothing to do with inspiration or anything. I just found the photo to be worth of posting, rather than the story behind it. Well…5 days to go to complete this tiring-yet-rewarding-in-some-ways challenge.

Shubhi Rofiddinsa
2 min readNov 13, 2020
The infamous Clock replica from Arsenal’s Highbury days at the Diamond Club in the Emirates Stadium/Ashburton Grove. No, it was only a stadium tour. Nothing more. | Photo by Shubhi Rofiddinsa.

[…]I just think a clock symbolises moments of your life. Be it wasted or precious, only the owner knows.

Pilgrimage isn’t what I would call my experience going to the stadium I used to see through the glass of a television only. It was a humbling experience to see the stadium up close and pure excitement, though. Probably it was my first time back in the UK after…19 years? I couldn’t remember my days back then, only through my parents’ story.

I was supposed to catch a flight back then to Germany. But since the flight was still about 6 hours to go at the day I took the photo, I thought, why don’t I just pay a visit to the stadium of the club that I like? So I did visit the stadium and decided to do the tour, as a substitution of not being able to watch Arsenal’s match at Wembley Stadium the day before, due to some issues.

The phone I had back then probably wasn’t of that good quality, camera-wise. But, that particular phone served the memory I had about this eleventh photo on my phone right now. It captured so many great memories along the way during the UK trip I had in 2015. I was lucky enough to be able to do that, though, that’s why.

This photo was taken in the Diamond Club lounge, which looks amazing and also…lavish, as you may call, judging from the name. It is supposed to serve some of the club’s most prominent figures and probably, stakeholders during the match day.

So why is this on B/W instead of the original ones? I don’t know. The lounge itself looked wonderful and this photo will not do any justice. Yet, the black and white filter seem to give this picture a noir-like nuance, almost like an advertisement for a luxurious brand.

The clock itself showed the glory days of the club as a symbol. Though I won’t be going there to talk about Arsenal or anything, but personally, I just think a clock symbolises moments of your life. Be it wasted or precious, only the owner knows.

Same as the clock itself, it has witnessed so many great memories and probably tragedies as well, but those moments are already casted and can only be revisited once or twice, just to appreciate the past times.


Written for #30DaysWritingChallenge