A Sigh of Relief — The End of #30DaysWritingChallenge

Last day. I will miss this space that I have occupied for the last couple of weeks.

Shubhi Rofiddinsa
2 min readNov 18, 2020

Somebody said this challenge has been circulated since circa 2017, which makes me three years late. So that’s why some of the challenges have been too angsty at times. But, as far as I’m concerned, I am thankful for the opportunity to revive the old habit I used to do.

I am also relieved that this has ended. Finally. I’ve never thought I would be investing almost an hour every night to put some thoughts on this, which never occurred to me back then when I was doing my internship during those winter blues.

Some of the last entries have been written in Bahasa Indonesia, which used to be a little strange for me, to be honest. I have my fair share of fear when I have to write in my native language, not because of the inability to express my thoughts and frankness, but rather the way of Bahasa Indonesia “kind of” forces us to smoothen those thoughts to be a little bit more acceptable to some audience.

This challenge has taught me to overcome those barriers, maybe at some point when I have to say some “no’s” and when I am not feeling comfortable. But at the same time, Bahasa Indonesia enables my other inner voice to be out there, which sometimes is filtered when the entry is in English, just because I want this to look…nice.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t believe that some people who have stumbled on to this page have given me the feedback or even encourage me more to write. The fact that I ditched this blog for a podcast back in 2018, makes me realise, I couldn’t express that much with the auditory medium, when it comes to some personal matters. But badminton can enable that, not just for the sport, but also for the podcasting itself, which has been giving me some great lessons and opportunities to know great people as well.

It has been one hell of a ride. I am sure I will post here weekly, just to get the groove of writing again for the thesis. I will see you around, folks.

So, where do we go next from here? | Probably one of the highlights during my hiatus in Jakarta this year. Stay safe, everybody!